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Fully functional dynamic educational website in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh government wants to wake Bangladesh digital. And to make Bangladesh digital, Bangladesh government has already taken more steps for various sectors. Like the same way, Bangladesh government has already taken a very important step to education sector to improve Bangladesh education system and increase the quality of education. And want to centralize it to control the education system property and fairly. So for this Bangladesh government already declared each and every school (Primary and High school), Collage, Madrasa and other educational institute has to have dynamic website with fully functional. And it must full up all the requirements of Bangladesh government Bangladesh education board has already declared all the required module and function heeded into the website. And every educational institute has to have this dynamic website either government education institute or non-government education institute. So D-NationSoft is providing good quality fully functional dynamic web application having all those government required module and functions. Please check those modules here.

D-NationSoft always provides good quality website and stay connected for the best support for long time. Please view D-NationSoft website.

D-NationSoft is providing website for school, Collage, Madrasa and other educational institute either government or non-government. For more details about this web application visit here.

Also D-NationSoft stay connected for long time services and support. For any kind of extra module of website if heeded, D-NationSoft always ready for that extra module or functions.

Besides the most important things is the price. The price of the website is really low instated of having more functions sand modules into the website. Few most crucial module of website is option of student registration and login, option of teacher registration and login, option of governing body information, option of publishing result, option of creating result, option of attendance, option of publishing notice, publishing holiday notice module circular publishing module, option of creating testimonial, option for creating TC etc. Please find all the other modules have into the educational website with demo.

Please also visit frontend and backend of the educational website.

This educational website or web application, created by D-NationSoft is also responsive. Means it will support in different size screen devices like mobile supported, tab supported etc. This is one of the very important thing of this website. And student can get notice, result etc using their mobile as well.

Besides D-NationSoft is always update the website and make the website more user-friendly. Day by day functions are updating and updating everything.

To get your copy please contact with D-NationSoft and get the website for your institute or organization immediately. We are always fast and able to deliver within one week only. So we are ready to hear from you.