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Google Map/places Plan

What is a Google Maps Package?

Appearing in the Google Maps (officially known as Google Places) for geographic related searches can be somewhat of a mystery…but not here at SEO Works.

Because of the dominant visual location in the Google Search Engine results, Google Maps can have a significant influence on a Search Engine user's likelihood to click through to your website. In addition, the consolidation of business reviews that appear on your Google Places page also needs to be carefully managed so as to ensure a balanced view of your business online. Our Google Maps Package forms a sound foundation for you to achieve solid rankings in Google Places.

how do we go about it?

A dedicated and specifically trained Google Maps Expert from our team will assist your Business Analyst, complementing your Analyst's overall skills with the research results and knowledge base that our Google Maps Experts have acquired in this highly specialised area.

A key part of the process is that your SEO Business Analyst will be sharing with you his/her experience and expertise along the way. Every stage is fully documented and explained; no changes are made to your Google Places listing without your complete and prior approval.

what does a Google Maps Package include?

  • Create, claim or consolidate one Google Places page
  • Research, identify and analyse competing Google Maps listings for the potential major categories and locations to be targeted
  • Research and identify five keyword phrases to be targeted in categories and content
  • Edit and upload data and content including images and video as required to achieve 100% completion rating
  • Create 10 Google Places citations and references from authoritative sources
  • Encourage 5 reviews on Google Places from customers and business referees

what is the Google Maps Package process?

The completion of a Google Maps Package is completed over a four week program based on four key areas:

  • Week 1 – Create or claim your Google Places listing or if you have an existing claimed listing, conduct a preliminary review of the current status and ranking for the major geographic keyword phrases related to your business
  • Week 2 – Review the competing listings and research, identify and implement the major categories to be targeted and assemble and upload all data required to achieve 100% completion rating and then review with you for approval
  • Week 3 – Upload and optimise your Google Places listing following the industry's best practice and our research specific to your business and location
  • Week 4 – Create the online citations or references from authoritative sources that directly influence your Google Places rankings and encourage relevant reviews

how much will this cost?

A Google Maps package is $1990* which represents around eighteen man-hours by your Business Analyst, Link Development Analyst and the support team here at SEO Works.

what are the ongoing costs?

Once completed, we would strongly recommend to subscribe to a Google Maps Edge Plan, in order to keep your Google Places listing up-to-date and optimised. Our Google Maps Edge Plan includes:

  • Ongoing fine tuning of your Google Places page including categories, location and content including images and video as required
  • 10 additional Google Places citations and references from authoritative sources
  • Encourage 5 reviews on Google Places from customers and business referees

A Google Maps Maintenance Plan is $1190* and can only be undertaken in conjunction with a Google Maps package.

how soon can we start?

If you decide to proceed, you will receive a simple, plain English agreement confirming all the deliverables. Depending on our project schedule we can usually commence within ten days of receiving your sign off.

how do I find out more?

To find out more about our Google Places Package or our other SEO Packages and to discover how we can help you to grow your online traffic, improve the quality of lead generation and increase your sales revenues, complete an online enquiry or contact us for a confidential chat about your needs.

* Note: due to our international presence and service provision, published prices do not include Australian Goods and Services

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