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Genesis Plan

Genesis…the process of creation, a new beginning…

Our SEO Genesis Plans have been created to provide a new beginning to your online presence and offer an ideal balance of advisory services and task implementation that focus on maximising your internet visibility and Return On Investment.

  • Our expert Business Analysts work with you on your website, completing our SEO Genesis Plan pre-defined tasks as well as identifying and implementing custom SEO requirements unique to your website and your target market.
  • In addition, our experienced Digital Media Analysts source and negotiate unique link opportunities for your site, optimising your link profile with highly relevant custom link prospects in careful balance with broader-subject link opportunities
  • Together, your Business Analyst and Digital Media Analyst will spend 40 hours each month implementing your Genesis 40 Plan, documenting and sharing their activities throughout the process, providing you with an "education" as well as results; this is a further reflection of our highly transparent approach we apply to our Search Engine Optimisation packages

Your seoWorks Team will prepare an Activity Plan and review this with you centred around the following guidelines; as our relationship develops the focus and priority of our SEO activities will be adjusted each month based on the growing visibility of your site with the Search Engines. In addition to the specific SEO tasks indicated below, time is also allocated to custom SEO strategies and activities unique to your site.

Keyword Phrase Research and Recommendations

  • The identification of the best keyword phrase "clusters" to be targeted (based on target market, target audience and competitor site analysis) – these core keyword groups target a range of keyword combinations based on the overall content of your pages

Benchmark Reports

  • On commencement prepare current ranking benchmark of targeted keyword phrases – updated and reviewed with you each month On commencement prepare competitor website ranking report for targeted keyword phrases – updated and reviewed with monthly

Website Infrastructure

On commencement and then every month thereafter your Business Analyst and Digital Media Analyst will check the technical infrastructure of your website to ensure it is and remains highly Search Engine-friendly. This checklist incorporates more than twenty items including:

  • Google Analytics Script Check, Goals and Ecommerce Tracking
  • 404 "Page Not Found" Errors
  • Internal Broken Link Check
  • External Broken Link Check
  • Google Webmaster Tools Verification, Reported Crawl Errors, Crawl Stats, HTML Errors
  • Robots.txt and XML Sitemap Files

On-site SEO Techniques

  • Identification and Search Engine Optimisation of key pages as well as assistance with the creation of new Search Engine-friendly "landing" pages, based on content developed in conjunction with you, to ensure that there is a balance of on-page keyword richness with your brand
  • Edit title, description and other "off-page" meta data focusing these pages to best target your keyword phrases as well as maximising keyword rankings, click-throughs and traffic
  • Apply internal linking strategies to maximise link value

Off-site SEO Techniques

  • Custom Link Development including research, analysis and tailored submissions by your Business Analyst and Digital Media Analyst focusing on quality, relevant and on-theme link opportunities
  • A Link Development Strategy Plan is prepared and reviewed with you highlighting specific link opportunities to be targeted. Your approval is required prior to any implementation activities or approaches to other webmasters and websites. Progress on your Link Development Strategy Plan is updated and reviewed with you each month

Social Media Configuration

  • Although currently modest in terms of overall SEO impact, the influence of Social Media signals on SEO warrants the monitoring of your Social Media accounts and activities from an SEO perspective. Your Business Analyst will work with you to ensure that your accounts are correctly set up to maximise their SEO value including:
    • Google+
    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn
    • YouTube
    • Pinterest
    • Twitter
  • In addition, newer entrants and smaller Social Media networks will also be monitored for SEO relevance.

Google Places – Google Maps Optimisation

  • Create, claim or consolidate your Google Places page
  • Edit and upload content as required to achieve 100% completion
  • Create Google Places citations from authoritative sources

Plans, Planning and Strategy Development

  • Your seoWorks team will prepare an initial SEO Activity Plan for your approval, recommending and prioritising tasks relevant to your website and its current visibility with the Search Engines. Going forward we will review your Activity Plan with you prior to the commencement of each month, re-allocating time to tasks and resources as needed
  • In addition to the specific SEO tasks indicated, time is also allocated to custom SEO strategies and activities unique to your site.

How much will this cost?

A Genesis 40 Plan is $4,690* per month and represents around 40 man-hours of targeted activities and advice by your Business Analyst, Digital Media Analyst and their support team.

Our terms are simply on a month-to-month basis with no long term or inflexible contracts

How soon can we start?

If you decide to proceed, you will receive a simple, plain English agreement confirming all the deliverables. Depending on our project schedule we can usually commence within ten days of receiving your sign off.

How do I find out more?

To find out more about the Genesis Plans or our other SEO Packages and to discover how we can help you to grow your online traffic, improve the quality of lead generation and increase your sales revenues, complete an online enquiry or contact us for a confidential chat about your Search Engine Optimisation needs.

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